No matter what your sector, we have products for every area of specialism for your hospital.

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Reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery is a changing and growing area within healthcare. New techniques and disciplines continue to evolve.

Unisurge has the expertise to work with the specialists in these emerging disciplines – plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and ophthalmic plastic surgeons – to produce specially tailored packs that match the very individual needs of their patients.

These cover the clinical and practical needs associated with reconstructive surgery; such as tumour removal, facial reconstruction, hand surgery and breast reconstruction; as well as cosmetic procedures that include nose reshaping, facelifts, breast augmentation and collagen injections.

Our specialised knowledge contributes to the healing and transforming outcomes in this evolutionary area of surgical practice.

A few products from our Plastic range …

Connecting Tubing
Crepe Bandage
Dental Needles
Dental Rolls
Diathermy Pencil
Diathermy Point
Diathermy Pouch
Fenestrated Drape
Fine Skin Marker
Full Body Drape
Gauze Dressing
Gowns/Hand Towels
Head Drape
Mayo Stand Cover
Nasal Bolsters
Orange Sponge Stick
Pen Nibs
Scalpel Blades
Skin Graft Blades
Small Wound Drains
Suture Strips
Tip Cleaner
Towel Clips
Tuille Gras
Utility Drape
Wool Pads
Yankauer Sucker
Yellow Bag
Zoellner Sucker
Zoellner Sucker Tips


No matter what your sector, we have products for every area
of specialism for your hospital