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Surgical Drapes

Our Uniform range consists of sterile surgical drapes and supplementary operating theatre products including individual drapes, draping packs and diathermy products. The contents are practitioner specified to meet the requirement of all modern surgical procedures and help reduce both surgical site infections and fluid contamination. All products are latex free and complies with all requirements of the European Standard (EN13795).

Surgical Drapes Range

Supplementary Surgical Drapes

Additional products to complement our core range of patient drapes.

Plastic Surgical Drapes

Products ranging from small fenestrated drapes to those for more complex procedures including breast augmentation and face lifts.

Orthopaedic Surgical Drapes

For Hip, Knee, Arthroscopy, Spinal and Shoulder procedures.

Ophthalmic Surgical Drapes

Full range of drapes for ophthalmic procedures.

Neurosurgery Surgical Drapes

ENT, Dental, Maxillo Facial and Neuro Surgery.

Anaesthetic Surgical Drapes

Drapes for all forms of anaesthetic procedures.

General surgical drapes

Universal packs and drapes for Urology, Gynae and Obstetrics.

Cardio thoracic surgical drapes

Pacemaker, Cath Lab and Craniotomy procedures.