Making A Commitment To Net Zero

During the first month of 2024, we have made an official commitment to reach Net Zero emissions by 2050. We have always had this focus in mind when making changes to our infrastructure, but are now finalising plans with the adoption of a Head of Sustainability who will generate and control the emissions reduction plan.

Our journey is already well underway, with many accomplishments and changes implemented in recent years:

  • In 2019 we incorporated one of the largest solar installations in West Suffolk on our roof. This is now mirrored at our Castleford site, which together cover 24% of our electricity consumption, with 76% of our remaining usage procured form other forms of Green Energy.
  • We have installed a full fleet of electric company cars with charging points at both Newmarket and Castleford sites, alongside a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme to demonstrate our commitment to staff and the environment.
  • We realised 16% Scope 1 reductions in a single year 2022 – 2023.
  • As a long-term major strategic partner of the National Health Service, we were recently invited to undertake the Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment. We proudly completed the assessment successfully and ahead of schedule.
  • We have invested in industry leading measurement techniques to give both ‘Absolute’ and ‘Intensity’ based emission targets. These are putting us in a strong position to achieve Nett Zero ahead of schedule.
  • In line with this we have mapped our Scope 3 Upstream transport and distribution emissions for all purchases produced around the world and our top 50 Global Vendors have submitted Carbon Footprint and Carbon Reduction (Sustainability) Plan details to support our journey to Net Zero 2050. Together we are stronger. Quarterly Supply Chain Reviews will ensure that best practice and a standardised approach wherever possible will reinforce our sustainability journey efforts.
  • We have implemented our first successful Circular Economy project in Partnership with the National Health Service.
  • Our Social Environmental commitments to the community are clear as we forge strong links with local Academies and Colleges. This rolls into our commitment to the future by employing Modern Apprentices, giving our local young adults the opportunity to carve out a successful career in the medical supply arena.

Constantly looking for technology to further our efforts, placing sustainability as a main focus of the company and our staff and reviewing our processes for best practice and areas to improve, we are very confident this target will be achieved.

Should you wish to know any more about our updates and ongoing projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch. A mission shared is a mission won.